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Double Snake Engagement Ring with a Diamond & Sapphire from Beverley R
Ad Type: For Sale | Location : Chicago,Illinois | Views : 169 | ID : 424 | 22 January 18

This particular double snake engagement ring is particularly interesting, as it has an ‘Old Brilliant Oval Cut’ diamond in one head; the word diamond comes from the ancient Greek word for unbreakable, symbolizing the unbreakable power of love. It also has Demantoid garnet eyes. Demantoid garnets are the rarest of all garnets, initially they were only found in Russia, and were one of the few Gem stones that has more fire than a diamond, though this was masked by the green color. Faberge used demantoids in his egg collection. The stone in the other head is a natural Blue Burma Sapphire; the sapphire was a symbol of both strength, wisdom and kindness. This head has diamond eyes. Both the sapphire and the diamond are over one carat. For more information visit https://beverleyr.com/ or Call us on 312-573-2200.


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