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Install T8 4ft Integrated LED Tubes for Enhanced Visibility in the Parking lots
Price : $13.99

Ad Type: For Sale | Location : Fond du Lac,Wisconsin | Views : 38 | ID : 774 | 14 January 19

Parking lots are the places where we require sufficient lights for the easy entry and exit of the vehicles, especially during the nights where there are more chances of accidents of collisions due to insufficient lights. If you are managing a big parking lot then to ensure maximum visibility for the drivers, you can use V Shaped T8 4ft Integrated LED Tubes there so that the mobility of the cars can be smoother and faster.

Advantages of using T8 4ft Integrated LED Tubes

The high intensity of light of up to 134 Lumens per watt, can enhance the brightness at the parking lots. On an average, the lumens produced by a 30w T8 4ft integrated LED tubes is 4000 lumens with a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin.

These lights come with 5 years of manufacturer warranty in addition to the UL and DLC certification making these tubes eligible for the rebates and incentives.


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